The Capitol Arises


Greetings Heroes of Aetherius!

The news is spreading like wildfire and haven has shuddered as the protective barriers around our capitol Volantis have thundered outwards!

Volantis’ capitol regions have grown and the power of the Aetherius Dominion with it! Now the townships of Hyperion and Sentinel are on the verge of expanding as well, which would leave only one task left, finalizing the Kingdom control!

With the requirements of Kingdoms most likely changing to something attainable in the near future we must push one last time, as hard as we can to get the final resources and construction done to attain this ultimate goal.

Once the Kingdom has fully arisen, we should be able to open the gates to the worlds between our and theirs and finally destroy the evils that plague our world.

All hail Aetherius! All hail it’s peoples! All hail you!

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