Welcome Knights of Aetherius

Hello Knights of Aetherius!

It has been a long while since we have last met in these halls, and I welcome you  home to this place of friendship.

I hope that since you are here you may take a moment to leave a message to the other brothers and sisters of Aetherius that may find their way home to our halls in the future. All reasonable replies from members and friends will be added to this post for all to see.

The Capitol Arises

Greetings Heroes of Aetherius!

The news is spreading like wildfire and haven has shuddered as the protective barriers around our capitol Volantis have thundered outwards!

Volantis' capitol regions have grown and the power of the Aetherius Dominion with it! Now the townships of Hyperion and Sentinel are on the verge of expanding as well, which would leave only one task left, finalizing the Kingdom control!

With the requirements of Kingdoms most likely changing to something attainable in the near future we must push one last time, as hard as we can to get the final resources and construction done to attain this ultimate goal.

Once the Kingdom has fully arisen, we should be able to open the gates to the worlds between our and theirs and finally destroy the evils that plague our world.

All hail Aetherius! All hail it's peoples! All hail you!

"I'm not dead yet!"

Wow, 60 days!?

Has it really been that long? I guess so XD

So many things have happened over the last 60 days.

Herocraft has hosted another 3v3 tournament where the event ran well and the battles were decent.

Elderscrolls flopped(in my opinion) and is so generic that it was relatively painful.

I have removed the Elderscrolls Chapter and information (R.I.P.) as it's not a game well designed for group or community play.

I fixed our poor broken website and got features working that I did not even realize were broken!

It's summer in the US(or almost at least.) Sorry Aussies as that means your Winter is about to hit. <3


I would like to get content and fun things up here but honestly, I just don't know what content to add to make it all useful, so I will generally use it for now to bring up community news and anything that gets generated for me!

Any content, videos/channels/screenshots/advice/other you want to contribute please feel free to post it on the forums and I will get it into the site.

Lord Leo of Sentinel

Hello Aetherius!

The news being chattered about today is the appointment of a new Lord to Sentinel! Lord Michael has decided to take leave of the city and the council has placed Sentinel into the capable hands of the once Noble and now Lord Leo2596!

Congratulations Leo and thanks for all the support and loyalty to the Aetherius Dominion!

Thanks much be given to Michael as well for all the hard work and dedication bringing up Sentinel and keeping her going these past 7 months! Time to enjoy that well earned break from the hubbub of Mayorship.

We are keeping our eyes open for a dedicated and loyal member of Aetherius to take over Prometheus at one point in the near future as I am not intended to be running a township, so those of you that are interesting keep on working hard, playing hard and having fun and we will be watching you!


/skill Horsesuperjump @Gleuboy

Hello peoples!

It was a great night last night, unfortunately it started out with losing a couple of members, but quickly turned into a button smashing, laughing fest.

Initially the evening started on a somber note as two members, Frankydemon and Airrestraint left AD so they could have more competition(AD!) as we are about 1/4 of the active server population. Although it was sad to see them go, the move was a wise one as they were not having fun and that's what playing games is all about!

Well, once Franky left, he managed to get a nice little group together to raid AD. The group grew to 6 players quickly which we were able to match and meet on the field of battle! The battle was deadly and quick and in the end, poor Pew and Jon lay dead, but for their sacrifice all 6 of the raiders were also dead.

The battle continued, but as more players from AD saw the fun their spirit of battle surged and they all wanted to join in, eventually bringing the group to 9 players. The subsequent battles were lopsided in both numbers and organization and were over rather quickly. Even though the battles ended quick for AD the enemies were enjoying themselves too and came back to fight us several times. Everyone had an awesome time.

After the battles were over and we had some 13 people running around the swamps, we managed to come up with a new game, horsesuperjumping. Utilizing a glitch with the hero skills we were able to launch our mounted Paladins to the top of the world before they plummeted back down to the ground and usually exploded into tiny pieces. The game was to launch yourself into space and then try to land on a specific spot. After many splattered bodies, Leo took the 1st place price as the champion of horsesuperjumping. Congrats Leo!

The evening ended out with everyone forming into two groups and playing out some 6 vs 6 battles where many brave players from both sides were killed in three vicious battles.

It was a great night AD, and I hope to have many more in the future!


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