Lord Leo of Sentinel


Hello Aetherius!

The news being chattered about today is the appointment of a new Lord to Sentinel! Lord Michael has decided to take leave of the city and the council has placed Sentinel into the capable hands of the once Noble and now Lord Leo2596!

Congratulations Leo and thanks for all the support and loyalty to the Aetherius Dominion!

Thanks much be given to Michael as well for all the hard work and dedication bringing up Sentinel and keeping her going these past 7 months! Time to enjoy that well earned break from the hubbub of Mayorship.

We are keeping our eyes open for a dedicated and loyal member of Aetherius to take over Prometheus at one point in the near future as I am not intended to be running a township, so those of you that are interesting keep on working hard, playing hard and having fun and we will be watching you!


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