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“I’m not dead yet!”

Wow, 60 days!?

Has it really been that long? I guess so XD

So many things have happened over the last 60 days.

Herocraft has hosted another 3v3 tournament where the event ran well and the battles were decent.

Elderscrolls flopped(in my opinion) and is so generic that it was relatively painful.

I have removed the Elderscrolls Chapter and information (R.I.P.) as it’s not a game well designed for group or community play.

I fixed our poor broken website and got features working that I did not even realize were broken!

It’s summer in the US(or almost at least.) Sorry Aussies as that means your Winter is about to hit. <3


I would like to get content and fun things up here but honestly, I just don’t know what content to add to make it all useful, so I will generally use it for now to bring up community news and anything that gets generated for me!

Any content, videos/channels/screenshots/advice/other you want to contribute please feel free to post it on the forums and I will get it into the site.