About the Aetherius Dominion

Where did we come from:

We are a gaming community that started in Herocraft online as The Legion of Oblivion in 2012. In Herocraft we are a collection of Townships working together to attain a common goal, creating and controlling a large Kingdom and having fun!

Our Main Goals:

The main goals of Aetherius Dominion is to help provide a fun experience for our members with our community. Providing support and friendship for all the areas of the games we play, whether if be competitive PVP play or laid back leveling, collecting, or just plain chilling. The idea is to have a great working community across the boards.

Leadership Hierarchy:

The leadership roles in Aetherius help to show the effort and levels of support that players have given to the community. All members have the abilities to raise through the ranks and attain leadership roles if they so desire.

The ranks are as follows:

  • King: The King is the title given to the person who starts and helps run the local chapter for any game. The Kings main responsibilities are to help keep the direction of the chapter on track, as well as providing advice and counsel to the Lords and Ladies when needed.
  • Lords/Ladies: The Lords and Ladies of Aetherius are the most trusted and senior members. Their responsibilities are to run the chapter and help decide and maintain the chapters direction. In a dispute that the responding Nobles may have trouble dealing with, the Lords and Ladies will often step in to help settle the issues.
  • Nobles: The Nobles of Aetherius are the the main portion of the chapters management. Their responsibilities are to help keep the action going by planning and running the community events. From PVP raids and dungeon dives, to level grinding, the Nobles of Aetherius are there to keep the fun going. They are often the ones that help get the newer members situated and are usually the first to help resolve any disputes between members.
  • Managers: When a player has been with Aetherius for a while and has grown comfortable with our practices and procedures they can choose to take a more active role in the community and start as a Manager. Managers duties are in general recruitment and helping new members to get their feet on the ground and are vital to helping keep the fun and community healthy.
  • Veterans: The Veteran rank of Aetherius is for those members who enjoy the community and have been with us for a long time but have decided to forgo a management position. For those members who want to play and be part of the community but don’t want to spend the time running it, the Veteran rank is where they will find themselves.
  • Citizens: All members of Aetherius start as Citizens. As a citizen your responsibilities are to have fun! You are expected to act amicably towards your fellow members and play play play.

Herocraft Successes:

We managed to create the first Kingdom, the server had seen in over one and a half years. In early 2013 the Kingdom of the Legion of Oblivion was officially created and then maintained until the map was reset in late 2013.We are also very active and competitive in PVP and have won several tournaments as well as building competitions.

Herocraft Goals:

We are working towards the same goal currently in Herocraft at this time on the new map Haven, attempting to assemble the first official Kingdom. The progress is slow, yet steady and hopefully will be completed sometime over the next couple months.

Elderscrolls Successes:

Well, as you can imagine, there are not many yet! I look forward to many successes soon.

Elderscrolls Goals:

The goal in Elderscrolls is varied. We want to setup a crafting enough to supply all our members with quality equipment. Maintain both competitive PVP raid groups as well as PVE and to help our members explore the world and have fun.

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