A disappointing day indeed


The tournament went off without a hitch!

Oh wait! Sadly I was thinking about the last tournament 6 months ago. This one was horrid! Although I believe Xenipher had all the good intentions initially to run a good and fair challenge event for the players, sadly it fell through as one of the worst tournaments I have bared witness to in two years of Herocraft.

Although there is no way to prove intention, all three Aetherius teams were matched against each other in the first two rounds, so that by the end of the second round all but one of our teams would have been eliminated. I believe this was a move to help assure that not only AD teams would win the tournament in an attempt to give the rest of the server something to take home. The brackets were rather broken as well; as three teams were awarded a “free win” allowing them to skip round one for some unknown reason.

The tournament was run as a “no gear allowed” tournament where players were expected to buy the gear once they were in the arena, and expected to sell back the gear at the end of the tournament. Sadly, this was poorly planned and the the cost of some of the gear was inflated to 100 times it’s normal value forcing players to waste larges amounts of money for nearly worthless items. The larger problem though was the lack of gear, as many important items were missing from the gear shops in the first place, forcing odd combinations of items which was worse then sub par.

The final straw that broke the camels back was some of the worst lag the server has had to offer in weeks. The lag was so bad that players often times teleported as much as 15 blocks every dozen seconds, making it nearly impossible for melee players to attack or use their skills efficiently.

The first match which was with KOS(Me!). We were only allowed golden weapons, which broke after making 12 attacks. Our main melee broke 5 weapons, before finally running out at about the halfway point of the battle, making him completely useless. On top of that the lag was so terrible, that we were unable to target players with the melee in the first place. giving the other team ample time to teleport around the arena and stay consistently healed. The other team having target able magic damage was able to run in circles like monkeys until I eventually ran out of mana and we died.

The problems with lag decided the tournament, as all future matches went to those teams with the heavy magic damage and easy to kite(teleport all over the freaking place) classes. Fortunately for EVERY other team, the admins corrected the issue with not giving proper equipment after our fight, so we were the only ones that had to fight with that extreme handicap.

In the end Neighborhood Watch took third place, paying out more money to buy junk gear then they won in the tournament to begin with.

Now, I am fine with losing a good fight on good terms, but this was not only a single bad fight, but it was also on bad terms, which made for a very disappointing day indeed.


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