Welcome Knights of Aetherius

Knights of Aetherius

Hello Knights of Aetherius!

It has been a long while since we have last met in these halls, and I welcome you  home to this place of friendship.

I hope that since you are here you may take a moment to leave a message to the other brothers and sisters of Aetherius that may find their way home to our halls in the future. All reasonable replies from members and friends will be added to this post for all to see.


  1. So I will start this out myself, since it was my idea and all to try to get you all to respond!

    Although I could certainly same most of my life has remained the same, there certainly have been a lot of changes to bring up.

    So I am pretty lame with games right now. I did some Dragon Age and some Trove and dropped those, and otherwise have just played the odd game of Smite or LoL here and there. I have been spending most of the time I can peel from my busy academic life either writing stories/scripts, working with graphics editing and animating, getting several game design documents together for games I want to make, and trying to learn a new game engine so I can actually start making them. All of this usually happens between 9-11pm, after my kids go to bed, so you can imagine the slow pace I am taking up.

    Some exciting news(for me!) is that I finally have my own “office space” to work in as opposed to sitting in the middle of my living room with a tiny desk. Initially I wanted to actually build a new room into my house, but because I basically live in a cardboard box with 5 other people there was literally no way to do it, trust me as I spend two weeks measuring and trying to make it work lol. So I instead built my office into a corner in the basement, where my sons share a room and then warned them that on punishment of death, they were not to move anything in “my office.” As a consolation I setup my projector and screen for them downstairs so they get a little less room, but they also get a 120″ TV for xbox, movies and PC games. Win win I suppose.

    My two oldest are now going to high-school at the local college so they are super busy, but it’s pretty cool because they will be graduating high-school with a computer science in programming for my son and graphical art for my daughter. Now all I need to do is wait, and I can form my own game development company with just using my own family lol!

    Still looking for that perfect game that might bring together an awesome community like HC did(does) and perhaps some day there will be a cool option to bring a goodly chunk of our players back into the same place to dominate and have fun, but we will see.

    Until next time,

  2. My turn!
    I’ve been staying busy as well. School keeps me occupied 40-60+ hours a week and then work eats another 20ish leaving little time for gaming. When I do have time to spare I’ve been playing Guild Wars 2 with Yeelowsnow and the odd game of Evolve here and there when there isn’t much action in Guild Wars.

    Been thinking of coming back to herocraft if only to finish the hero spotlight series, but with no readily accessible test server that seems to be impossible.

    Hope to catch some peeps in ts sometime soon

  3. Hello Gents!

    Not much new with me, still traveling a lot with work. Got married August of last year if anyone didn’t know. I’m still heavily active on HC – name changed to TimForReal and also Admin now. Would love to see some of you guys come back, maybe I’d make an alt. ;)

    Ahrall, the test server is always up. It’s called Visions and can be access from the Nexus whenever you want, we’d love to have your excellent videos back. Don’t be a stranger, I’m always on.

  4. Hey, whiteninja1970(Changed my username to _Pugglez_ though) here! I’m still active on Herocraft, in fact I am actually a Mod now. Mainly log on to do petitions, some PvP if there is one. I’ve been recently playing Warlords, which is a new mini game in Hypixel server. It is basically Conquest + Heroes with BUFFED Textures.
    (Here is a peek: http://puu.sh/gIh7k/c62dcd5a66.png)
    It’s not really a survival server that you collect resources on and build up a town, you log in, pick a class, and jump in on a match(24-32-60 player matches). Pretty fun.

    And also, MalaWolf and some people are developing on a Heroes server called mcConquest (http://mcconquest.com).
    It’s still in development, not sure when the server will be released, but they said hopefully at least the test server for class testing will be up within a week.
    This is the list for the classes and their skills:
    Click on the class name to see their skills.

    Let me know if you guys are interested in gathering together as AD in a game again, it was very fun when we played together as a group. I hang around Herocraft TS, so catch me there.

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